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IISE is a global association that brings professionals and students in Industrial Engineering related fields together to network and share knowledge. A Student Membership gives you access to professional development resources, a monthly IISE magazine subscription(ISE), attendance to the IISE Conference, and looks great on your resume. To become a Student Member visit, select Join IISE, and then select Student Membership. Annual cost is $39.

Why Become a Distinguished Member?

A distinguished member is a way of rewarding involved members of our chapter. Not only would you be invited to our end-of-semester distinguished member banquet (did we mention free?) for a delicious restaurant-cooked meal, you would receive the full benefits of our club. There is also a directory of professional contacts to access recruiters, points of contact, and most importantly chapter alumni always looking to help out current students land their dream internship or job. Most distinguished members go on to take more active roles in the club by serving on the executive board, a great chance at leadership experience, and a resume builder. The "DM" criteria changes each semester, but generally involves being involved in most branches of our club(meetings, outreach, fundraising, IISE National Member, professional development, etc). We hope you strive to be a DM this semester!

Membership: Projects

2021-2022 Distinguished Members

Alondra Toledo
Brandan Carslon
Brendan Wheeler
Claire Jones
Collin Nelson
Derek Hoffman
Divya Danthuluri
Ellen Pflaster
Eric Elgaard
Erik Kosier
Hailey Mendola
Harsh Patel
Scott Breidigan

James Manetta
Jeb Binegar
Joey McGraw
Kate Konczal
Lily Jansa
Logan Hoffman
Maggie Ramirez
Matthew Kelly
Molly Hart
Nate Hamp
Nick Verdino
Ryan Cody

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