Distinguished Member Program

For our members:   

The Distinguished Member Point Document found here will track your eligibility to become a DM!

What is the distinguished member program?

The Distinguished Member Program is a way to reward active members of IISE with recognition and financial discounts on events.


Why should I become a distinguished member?

Because the benefits are amazing! Each semester there is an IISE DM banquet. You will be put in the IISE resume book and have access to the IISE exam database. Plus, your name will be advertised on this website. Finally, many IISE paid events offer discounts to DM's.


How do I become a distinguished member?

Easy! Become a paid IISE member and come to our events to obtain DM points. To qualify as a DM you must also attend certain events such as a semesterly outreach event, two hockey stands, and the spring IISE alumni event. More info on exact requirements and benefits can be found here.





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